Living a life full of compensation!

   Note: Please take note of the sarcasm in this article in some places...Hope you enjoy the read.  
   I am dedicating this article to the habit of "compensating"
Did not get the deserving credit for a job you did??:compensate and let go..afterall you are being "paid" in some or the other way.  Your boss unjustifiably screeching on you for someone else's mistake: compensate and let go because he/she is after all senior to you(keeping aside what is right or wrong). Were not happy with something you just bought??'compensate'.Unjust things happening around you: compensate on your urge to raise your voice and let go to avoid trouble. The habit of compensation has become so banal these days, hasn't it??.
    I just loathe this habit.We have to compensate for so many things in life. Compensate on our values and virtues for the world which demand some unreasonable 'compensation' in these values to survive. I tell you the world is so money centered that irrespective of what you work or contribute, majority of the times money speaks more than anything else. Money is undoubtedly important but I would prioritize following certain ethical values rather than money. .Talking about money, hardwork and diligence are always rewarded handsomely in this world, come what may.Whenever I shared this opinion with others, the response which I got was that I was thinking in a very idealistic way All I would say is that people are just flowing with the crowd and are not having their say enough in this case when they say things are idealistic. Compensating throughout one's life for things may reward one with some "cash" or other fringe benefits but there is nothing which one will take away from this world having suppressed his/her emotions/values just for temporary benefits. I dont find this justified in any case. In this process, a person looses his/her say in matters which require to be opposed. I just sometimes wonder that if everyone worked skillfully and diligently such crooked methods would not have to be followed. When people have something to hide or have done something wrong, such methods come into existence.
   Next comes the habit of compensating on sharing one's emotions. Before opening up to anybody, we have to think twice about the person being trustworthy. The fear of getting one's emotions devalued by sharing it with the wrong people arises. Everybody, almost everybody except a handful of them in this world come without expectations in someone else's life. People are so self-centered that they may seem the best of any dog's species when it comes to portraying loyalty(falsely though) to people whom they have any work with.Once the work's done, slowly you find them distancing themselves from you. In such cases, when the you are in jeopardy/trouble,they might even fail to recognise you forget about anything else. Trusting such people is totally out of question. Frankly speaking such people exist in abundance today; I could just hope they were in rarity.What I wish to convey here is that we cannot be truthful and expressive with the people we wish to. We have to supress our emotions rather than sharing it with unwise people. "TRUST" is a rare and precious commodity whose value has been inflated in a grandiose way owing to the above mentioned factors.To sum up, there can hardly be any person in this world withm you could open up with or trust easily. You always have to compensate on the amount of talks you share with anyone. You can only trust yourself more than anyone else.
   Compensation also comes in the materialistic things we plan to buy. Whenever something doesnt fit into our budget all we do is compensate on the quality or some other factor. When we do compensate here, we console ourselves by the fact that people who are poorer are even devoid of the same object we just bought. What I feel is in order to progress in life, we must always look forward to the people who are at a higher stature than us as a baseline for comparison. In this process, we aim higher for buying the best quality things.I personally feel that our outlook must change in this issue.
    Well folks, its time to compensate on the amount of "compensation" we make in so many aspects. Maybe, someday, we might gain something we never expected.....a clean heart and an unfathomable satisfaction of following our instincts.

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