The 'legendary' trip

     It's 4:30 a.m, December 27,2012 and I just attended the call of my alarm clock which is relentlessly investing its battery to wake me up. I get ready to reach the commencing point of the express train. The station near my locality is crowded, bustling with energy in the morning and I am standing with my wheeled luggage bag. Though now, more than the excitement of the journey, the anxiety of boarding the local train with the luggage is what bothers me the most. Albeit in the wee hours, the local trains can be very soothing and cosy, the "halo" effect imbibes some anxiety.
   Overcoming these barriers I reach the source platform for what can be called as the "Dream Journey". Going on a long trip with college mates was a totally different affair for me. All stood on the platform waving hands and greeting each other. After all the initial arrangements, the train whistle blew and it had started to take us to our destination. The excitement was such that for the initial hour or so, we only discussed and strengthened our "wonderlands" on how exciting and ecstasy-filled our journey was going to be.
  The first thing on plate was the antakshari(singing) in which we all pulled each other's leg on the songs we chose.Of course and as expected, romantic songs attracted the most "attention" as always. We never knew how time was also moving ahead with our songs and the sun had just positioned itself exactly on the top of our heads. It was a one day long journey and the following night we never slept. Making the most of the time, all of us gathered in the centre of our compartment in the train and were busy narrating some horror stories, trying to match them with reality and the horror with the darkness. Finally, when everyone just decided to retire for the day for atleast 2 hours, I had just sat with my companion, my novel.
  With the novel on my face and hands faintly resting on them, my eyes had just opened in the morning. A fresh sip of tea made my day and I was an hour away from destination whiling away my time looking at the naturally embellished mother nature.The destination was Bangalore, India's electronic city. After checking in the hotel,we all had the traditional and delicious "Idli-sambhar" for our breakfast.The first thing I did after having the breakfast is had "kapi"(coffee), as they call it in south India. I had no issues in communicating with the people there as I was familiar with the local language. The following night we left for Coorg.
  Coorg is a hill station with a pleasant climate and known for its coffee plantations. More than the places we visited, the overnight stay at the hotel was exciting. All football fans locked up in a room were totally geared for a nerve-gripping match. Meanwhile, I and one of my mates, ventured out to explore this beautiful place, bought some coffee and returned to our hotel. The cherry on the cake were the rains there, unusual winter rains; not to mention, we got drenched in the rains to have "kapi" again.  +fahim siddiquei  , hope you remember the night walk there.
Mysore was the next stop. Needless to say, known for the "Palace" by the great Tipu sultan. We hired a guide who could clearly explain the history and its origins to make more meaning of the visit. I really admire the dedication and skills of the builders back then with limited technology and resources, they have built a masterpiece. Finally, after lunch, we all geared up to return to Bangalore.Now here was one more excitement, the bus journey. There was not even a moment in the bus when we didn't dance.  We danced on all types of songs leaving all the worries we had aside.
   It was 31st December, 2012 and a DJ party was arranged where I danced with all exuberance in the company of all those pleasant people with whom I spent 3 years of my life. I saw some people behaving in absurd way totally engrossed in the heat of the moment. The DJ, having completed his share of time with us was almost about to leave. Here, one of my friend went to him and never let him move an inch from his seat. Inspite of having our stomach filled with food, the jumping and random steps never reduced. The hotel was a 4-star hotel and going back and resting was equally exciting. Therefore after reaching a physical saturation, all of us returned to our respective rooms to relax. Aadesh, Bhavesh, Akshay,Bhushan and Amit  hope you remember this memorable dance.
  After all the excitement, came the evening of january 1,2013. Having being kissed by the pleasant celebration of new year, we also got kissed by the time which had indicated to make a move and end this memorable trip. Owing to all the excitement it had given us, time never allowed us to totally come back to normalcy from such a state. The train journey was still remaining, the place where we could finally sum up everything and slowly kiss Goodbye to the memorable trip. I spoke to one native guy in there who had also come to study trip while others were playing antakshari. Later on, I too joined the celebrations. We hardly slept that night knowing that the next day we all will be back home, doing the same old chores. Having had such cherishable moments together, we wanted to make even more of the remaining time. With each moment passing, the adage "Time and tide wait for none" was something which struck me the most. It never allowed me to keep any grief forever so it will equally not allow me to remain in this state forever. This is life!!
   Thus, I never knew how those seven unforgettable and memorable days passed, with each day the enjoyment increased exponentially. At this age, where responsibility and freedom go hand in hand, spending time with friends and getting to know them better was the best thing ever happened.

         The mesmerizing temperatures, the company of friends,multiplicity of places, the 31st night D.J. party and the unforgettable cosy stay at the hotel  and last but not the least the train journey; it is nothing but the unforgettable trip to the south in nutshell. The most cherishable days spent with friends.The trip was truly legen 'wait-for-it' dary trip.


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